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99 Power Automate Interview Question and Answers

1. What are the different types of flow on Power Automate.
We can use three types of flows, they are:
• Business process flows
• Cloud flows
• Desktop flows

2. what are the components of cloud flow.
It has three components. They are:
• Trigger
• Action.
• Conditions

3. what are the Power Automate panes.
All panes are:
• Workspace
• Action pane
• Variable pane
• UI elements pane
• Images pane
• Errors pane

4. how can you implement a implement sub-flows?
It’s a group of actions that works, including the desktop flow. Each flow has main flow characteristics. We can include any other sub-flows inside of any sub-flow.

5. what is the differences between run sub-flow action and run desktop flow action?
• Run sub-flow action and initiate the sub-flow in the main desktop flow.
• Run desktop flow action initiate another desktop flow called child desktop flow.
• Run sub-flow action can not initiate the input variables.
• Run desktop flow action can initiate input variables.

6. what are the standard variables data types available in Power Automate?
There are lots of standard variables data types, few of them are:
• Text Value.
• Numeric Value.
• Boolean value.
• List.
• Data Table
• Data Row
• Custom Object
• Mail Massage
• File
• Folder

7. what are the input/output variables and flow variables are different?
Input/output is liable to pass the data from one point to another point inside the Power Automate cloud flows. So even we can use input values to determine the values at the time of flow running. But on the other hand, flow variables work with all active variables in desktop flow.

8. What is sensitive variable?
We know that flow variable are very sensitive, so input/output and flow work within the variables pane. However, all these sensitive variables will not show the flow designer at the

9. How can you perform work while the desktop flow is working?
Yes, we can work while the desktop flow is working because the interface is the same. While this flow is working, we can use any human interface to input any values into a block point. Yes, of course, we need to use Power Automate to control the rights.

10. What are the browsers we can use in Power Automate?
Power Automate makes automation in desktop flow which reconfiguration and works out of the box. This platform can use in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.